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Gang Lists

The first thing any aspiring gang leader needs is a gang of followers. Most gang leaders are experienced fighters, champions or heroes who have struck out on their own to further their legend and strengthen their position within their House. Accompanying these renowned fighters will be a core of close allies from their former gang, competent and seasoned fighters all. These fighters will form the core of the new gang, creating its hierarchy and leadership.

To these dangerous individuals will flock aspiring gangers, the foot soldiers of their House. These fighters will be joined by green Juves and youthful Prospects. Juves are inexperienced rookies – in the parlance of Necromunda, those individuals with little to no fighting experience hoping to be accepted into a gang and prove their worth. Prospects represent the young hopefuls of the House. Often, these fighters are the sons and daughters of past gangers. Such fighters bring with them great potential, and a great weight of responsibility to their forebears.

House Gangs



Outlaws & Outsiders