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Ash Wastes Nomads


120 credits

Kha'tragi Chieftain (Leader)


Skills: 1 Primary (custom).
Wargear: Ash cloak, sky mantle. Restrictions: None.

120 credits

Wy'tari Stormcaller (Specialist Champion)


Skills: 1 Primary (custom).
Wargear: Ash cloak.
Restrictions: None.

Born in the Saddle (Dustback Helamite)

Call the Storm

If equipped with a Stormcaller staff, spend a Double action (Change Weather) to modify Visibility (X") (depending on whether any Visibility is active or not) for the rest of the battle (note that Visibility can be modified further by future use of this ability):

  • Inactive: Apply Visibility (24").
  • Active: Modify Visibility by +/- 6" (min 6").
100 credits

Naku'taari Watcher (Champion)


Skills: 1 Primary (custom).
Wargear: Ash cloak, sky mantle. Restrictions: None.

60 credits

Tarn'runi Warrior (Ganger)


Wargear: Ash cloak, sky mantle. Restrictions: Pistol, Basic, Special, Close Combat.

80 credits

Tarh'noki Dust Rider (Juve Specialist)


Wargear: Ash cloak.
Restrictions: Pistol, Special, Close Combat.

Born in the Saddle (Dustback Helamite)

35 credits

Run'taani Dust Runner (Juve)


Wargear: Ash cloak, sky mantle. Restrictions: Pistol, Basic, Special, Close Combat.

210 credits

0-2 Arthromite Duneskuttler (Brute)

WeaponRg SRg LAc SAc LSAPDAmTraits
Mandibles-E--S-12-Melee, Rending

Skills: Fearsome, Nerves of Steel.
Weapons: Mandibles.
Wargear: Heavy carapace.
Special Rules: Wall Scuttler, Hard to Kill.

Special Rules

Wall Scuttler: When an Arthromite Duneskuttler climbs, the vertical distance they move is not halved. In other words, they always count as climbing up or down a ladder.

Hard to Kill: Arthromite Duneskuttlers are notoriously hard to kill; when rolling on the Lasting Injury table for an Arthromite Duneskuttler, roll twice and apply whichever result the controlling player wishes.

Source: Book of the Outlands

Skill Access

Champion (Specialist)-SecondarySecondary-Secondary--Primary
Ganger (Specialist)Primary-PrimarySecondary--Secondary-
Juve (Specialist)Secondary-PrimarySecondary----
Arthromite DuneskuttlerSecondaryPrimary-Secondary----

Special Rules

Follow normal rules with the following exceptions:

  • Always Outlaw (cannot change Alignment).
  • Cannot use any of the following (except gang specific):
    • Alliances.
    • Hired Guns.
    • Hangers-on, except the following (that can be used):
      • Ammo-jacks.
      • Rogue Docs.
      • Sloppers.
  • Juve (Specialist) got access to Basic and Special weapons.

Tsun’Ghar Warrior Spirits


Designer’s Commentary: Warrior Spirits

Presented below are the rules for using Ash Waste Nomads Warrior Spirits, allowing you to recreate the events described in Apocrypha Necromunda: Halfway Dead. If the Arbitrator wishes, these new rules may be used in their campaign.

Source: Apocrypha Necromunda: Halfway Dead

Warrior Spirits represent the esoteric beliefs and fighting styles of the Ash Waste Nomads Chieftains and Watchers. Whether or not these are actual supernatural creatures who aid the outland fighters in battle, or perhaps merely an aspect of their strange religion manifested through latent psychic abilities, is unknown, though their effectiveness in battle cannot be denied.

Summoning The Spirits

There are six different Warrior Spirits that an Ash Waste Nomads gang can benefit from in an Ash Wastes battle. In Step 7 of the pre-battle sequence, the Ash Waste Nomads player rolls a number of D6 equal to the number of Watchers and Chieftains they have in their crew. Compare the result of each dice to the Warrior Spirit table below to see which Warrior Spirits the gang has available for this battle. Note that multiples of the same spirit may be generated for each battle if duplicate results are rolled on any of the dice.

Using Warrior Spirits In Battle

At the start of an Ash Waste Nomads Chieftain’s or Watcher’s activation, before they perform any actions, they may choose to benefit from a Warrior Spirit (note that multiple Warrior Spirits cannot be invoked in the same activation). Choose one of the spirits generated for the battle and immediately apply its effects to the active fighter. Each Warrior Spirit can only be used once per battle.

Warrior Spirits Table

1Styr’ghar (Storm Spirit): The fighter becomes one with the storm, appearing and vanishing with each rolling cloud front. If the Visibility (X") rule is in effect, the fighter may be moved anywhere on the battlefield at least X" away from any enemy fighters, where X is equal to the distance in the Visibility (X") rule. Their activation then ends.
2Dae’ghar (Chem Spirit): Tar-like toxins ooze out of the ground all around the fighter, causing the surface to become sticky and foul, its gritty ash eating through armour and flesh. Place the 5" Blast marker centred under the fighter. Until this round’s End phase, all enemy fighters treat the Blast marker as Dangerous Terrain.
3Tyr’ghar (Ash Spirit): Ashen winds roil around the fighter, choking and blinding their foes, and making it all but impossible for them to land a decisive blow upon their adversary. All enemy fighters within 3" of the fighter must pass an Initiative test or become subject to the Blind condition.
4Char’ghar (Electro Spirit): Coruscating electricity surrounds the fighter, as if static from the storm were drawn to them, which they direct into their weapon attacks. For the duration of the fighter’s activation all attacks made by the fighter gain the Shock trait. If they are using a weapon that already has the Shock trait then its effects will trigger on any successful hit roll rather than just a 6.
5Vau’ghar (Fire Spirit): The fighter harnesses the tormented Fire Spirit of Necromunda, channelling its rage into frenzied attacks. Choose a friendly fighter within 12" (this may be the active fighter). For the duration of that fighter’s next activation (or the current activation if the fighter chose themselves) add 2 to their Attacks characteristic and 1 to any Weapon Skill rolls they make.
6Myr’ghar (Blade Spirit): The fighter’s blades become keener, their razor-sharp edges carving through armour, flesh and bone with equal ease. For the duration of their activation, any attacks made by the fighter using a weapon with the Melee or Versatile trait change their AP to -3 unless their AP would be higher, and increase their Damage by 1.