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Armoury & Trading Post

Source: Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023)

The following pages contain rules for all of the Weapons and Wargear available to gangs and fighters in Necromunda.


Unlike in the 2023 Core Rules, this Section lists all items available in Necromunda.

This section includes everything from the Trading Post, gang lists and other sources such as gear unique to characters or scenarios.

Each page is divided into two sections: 'Trading Post' and 'Exclusive'. Trading Post items are available via the trading post, whereas Exclusive items are only available through other means (and are often restricted to a particular gang or fighter).

Items that are available on the Trading Post will be marked with their Availability Level (AL), such as C (Common), R9 (Rarity 9) or I6 (Illegal 6).

If an items is available to a gang via their gang list cheaper than on the Trading Post, it is marked as follows. Note that you should reference your Gang Equipment list during gang creation, as some items are more expensive on their gang lists.


* House Goliath: 25 Credits

Some items are were on a previous Trading Post but not listed in the 2023 Core Rules. These are marked as follows, and are listed in the 'Exclusive' section. Discuss with your arbitrator if these are available in your campaign:


^ Not in the 2023 Core Rules