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Bounty Hunters

All Bounty Hunters (unnamed and Dramatis Personae) have the following special rules:

Dead, Not Alive

Any gang, Outlaw or otherwise, that employs a Bounty Hunter may claim a reward from the authorities for troublesome enemies they bring in dead. During the post-battle sequence, when an opponent deletes a dead fighter from their roster, the gang that hired the Bounty Hunter immediately claims half of that fighter’s value, rounded up to the nearest 5 credits, as a reward.

Claiming Bounties

Any gang, Outlaw or otherwise, that employs a Bounty Hunter may claim a reward from the authorities for enemy fighters they help to Capture. If during the Wrap-up the recruiting gang captures an enemy fighter, roll a D6 in the Receive Rewards step of the post-battle sequence. On the roll of a 3 or higher, the Bounty Hunter recognises the Captive as a particularly wanted individual. The gang is given their cut of the reward for keeping this dangerous miscreant off the streets, immediately receiving D6x10 credits.

“We’ll Get Our Bit…”

If a Bounty Hunter does not generate additional income during a campaign battle via the Dead, Not Alive or Claiming Bounties special rules, there is a strong chance they will stick around until they do, whether the gang wants them to or not:

  • If, at the end of the Update Roster step of the post-battle sequence, only one of the Dead, Not Alive or Claiming Bounties special rules has been used, roll a D6. If the result is a 4 or higher, the Bounty Hunter is dissatisfied with their earnings and is available for the recruiting gang’s next battle for free. If the result is a 1-3, they take their credits and leave.
  • If neither the Dead, Not Alive or Claiming Bounties special rules are used, there is no need to roll and the Bounty Hunter is automatically available for the recruiting gang’s next battle for free.
  • If, however, both the Dead, Not Alive and Claiming Bounties special rules are used during the post-battle sequence, the Bounty Hunter, happy with their payment, automatically leaves.
  • If a Bounty Hunter that is available for the next battle for free in this way is not used, they will automatically leave. In other words, they must be used in the next battle, or be lost.
  • If a Bounty Hunter is taken Out of Action during a campaign battle, they are considered to have automatically rolled a result of 12-26 Out Cold on the Lasting Injuries table.
80 credits

0-1 Bounty Hunters

A gang can recruit no more than one Bounty Hunter at a time. To represent the great variety of Bounty Hunters active on Necromunda, the recruiting player chooses one of the following profiles to use:


Special Rules: Outlaw, “You Get What You Pay For”, Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties, “We’ll Get Our Bit…”.

Special Rules

Outlaw: A Bounty Hunter hired by an Outlaw gang is automatically an Outlaw themselves. In addition to the equipment options listed opposite, Outlaw Bounty Hunters may purchase Common items and any item with a Rare or Illegal value of 10 or below from the Black Market.

“You Get What You Pay For”: Unlike other fighters, Bounty Hunters are not counted during the Choose Crew step of the pre-battle sequence. Instead, at the end of this step, any Bounty Hunters available to the gang may be added to the crew, regardless of the Crew Selection method in use. This may take the number of fighters in a starting crew above the number specified by the scenario.


A Bounty Hunter may take either three skills determined at random, or one skill determined at random and one skill chosen by the recruiting player. Each skill is chosen from the following skill sets: Agility, Brawn, Combat, Cunning, Ferocity, or Shooting. To determine a random skill, the player declares which skill set they are generating the skill from, and rolls a D6, re-rolling if the Bounty Hunter already has that skill. Choosing a skill is a simple matter of picking the desired skill from the sets available.


In addition to their hiring fee, a Bounty Hunter may purchase up to 150 credits worth of weapons and Wargear from your gang's equipment list and from the Trading Post (note that, in addition, Outlaw Bounty Hunters may purchase items from the Black Market, as described previously). They may be armed with up to five weapons, only one of which may have the Unwieldy trait. A weapon with the Unwieldy trait counts as two weapons choices. Note that the value of these weapons and Wargear should be included when determining Gang Rating.

Source: Published in all House of X books


In addition to normal equipment (Trading Post & Black Market), choose equipment from the leader's list depending on the alignment of the hiring gang. Law Abiding: Cawdor Leader. Outlaw: Redemptionist Leader.

House: Law AbidingHouse: OutlawNon-house: Law AbidingNon-house: Outlaw
Trading Post (Rarity)AnyAny10 or below10 or below
Black Market (Rarity/Legality)-10 or below-10 or below
House Equipment ListLeaderLeader--
CawdorCawdor LeaderRedemptionist Leader--

Generic Bounty Hunter Equipment List

View the Equipment list for a generic Bounty Hunter here.

Named Bounty Hunters

Bounty HunterRestrictionCost
Yageloth, Master of Whispers-120
Urson GrimjarlIronhead Squat Prospectors160
Betti BansheeEscher170
Ashwood Stranger-170
Hagar Freelord-180
Wilcox ‘Wild Snake’ CinderjackOrlock190
Calthyxis, The Ghost of PrimusDelaque195
The Headsman, Thane’s ExecutionerCawdor210
Krotos Hark-220
The Deserter-225
Yar Umbra-230
Yolanda Skorn-230
Gor Half-horn-235
Kria Kytoro, Death MaidenEscher240
Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena, Orlock Wild ChildOrlock (Vehicle)245
Servalen & Hardcase Cyber-Mastiff-240
Arbelesta & Aramista-250,250
Ortruum 8-8-250
Gorshiv Hammerfist-260
Eyros Slagmyst-270
Attilus the Axe, Pit TyrantGoliath275
Grendl Grendlsen-280
Von Buren, Rogue ArcheotekVan Saar285
Thaetos 23-2 Wyrdlock-285
Baertrum Arturos III-290
Freikstorn Strix-290
Djangar ‘Gunfists’, Over-tyrantGoliath290
Apollus Kage-305
Vorgen Mortz & Rex Spires-305, 315
Lisbeth, The Iron AngelVan Saar315
Mortanna Shroud-330
Kal Jericho & Scabs-340, 200 (440 combined)
Slate Merdena, Orlock Road BossOrlock360
120 credits

Yageloth, the Master of Whispers

Delaque only


Skills: Infiltrate.
Weapons: Psychoteric blade.
Wargear: Mesh armour, respirator.

Envoy of the Silent Ones

  • No credits bonus for captured or dead enemies after the battle (unlike normal Bounty Hunters).
  • Will automatically leave after the battle (does not join subsequent battles for free).

Creature of Shadows

  • Immune to attacks without Strength (Toxin etc.).
  • If suffering a Serious Injury:
    • Ignore the Serious Injury.
    • Removed from the battlefield.
    • Return in the End phase, anywhere within 5" of a friendly fighter and at least 1" from any enemy.

Wyrd Powers (Unsanctioned)

Choose 5 Psychoteric Wyrd Powers (from any disciplines).

Source: House of Shadow

160 credits

Urson Grimjarl, Jardlan Nomad Hunter

WeaponRg SRg LAcc SAcc LStrApDAmmoTraits
hunting rifle
18"48"-+15-224+Rapid Fire (1), Rending
stub gun
6"12"+2-3-14+Plentiful, Rapid Fire (1), Sidearm
-Sx3--3-14+Blast (3"), Grenade, Knockback
-Sx3--16-224+Demolitions, Grenade
-Sx3--3-14+Blast (*"), Grenade, Smoke

Skills: Clamber, Overwatch, Precision Shot.
Wargear: Mesh armour, respirator, Techmite Oculi, proximity auspex.

Hunter for Hire

Urson Grimjarl is a Bounty Hunter that may be hired by any Law-abiding gang. As such, he is subject to the “You Get What You Pay For”, Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties and “We’ll Get Our Bit…” special rules.

Oculi Command

When Urson Grimjarl is deployed on the battlefield, a Techmite Oculi is also deployed within 3" of him. If, during his activation, there are no Techmite Oculi on the battlefield, Urson Grimjarl may perform the Deploy Oculi (Double) action:

  • Deploy Oculi (Double): Place a Techmite Oculi in base contact of Urson Grimjarl.

Source: The Aranthian Succession: Ruins of Jardlan

- credits

Techmite Oculi

Urson Grimjarl only

WeaponRg SRg LAcc SAcc LStrApDAmmoTraits
2x pincer-E--2-1-Melee

Skills: Escape Artist, Evade.
Wargear: Flak armour.


A Techmite Oculi ignores all terrain, may move freely between levels without restriction, and can never fall. It may not, however, ignore impassable terrain and may not end its movement with its base overlapping an obstacle or another fighter’s base.

Target Paint

Whilst a Techmite Oculi is within 6" of an enemy model, Urson Grimjarl reduces any negative to hit modifiers due to cover by 1.

Scout Drone

Techmite Oculi can range further from Urson Grimjarl than most Exotic Beasts. Techmite Oculi must remain within 18" of Urson Grimjarl rather than 3".

Source: The Aranthian Succession: Ruins of Jardlan

170 credits

Betti Banshee

Escher only


Skills: Parry.
Weapons: Customer Power Blade (x2).
Wargear: Mesh armour.

Banshee Wail

Other fighters activating within 6” must pass a Willpower test or can only take a single action during the activation.

When this fighter makes a Charge (Double) action, other fighters can't make Reaction attacks against this fighter (during the activation).

Source: House of Blades

170 credits

Ashwood Stranger


Skills: Gunfighter, Fast Shot, Hip Shooting.
Weapons: Custom stub gun (with normal dumdum), Custom autopistol, Nomad Blade (same as Long Blade).
Wargear: Flak.

Quick Draw

When targeted by a shooting attack while Ready, make a ranged attack against the attacker with any equipped weapon (this does not remove Ready).

Where He Needs to Be (Outcast Leader)

Can always be included in a Random crew (taking up 1 slot as normal).

Source: The Book of the Outcast

180 credits

Hagar Freelord, Outcasts Leader


Skills: Overseer.
Weapons: 2x plasma pistol.
Wargear: Mesh armour (5+), respirator.

Ex-guilder Armouries (Outcast Leader)

New Gangers (when hired) can buy items with Rarity 8 or less from the Trading Post.


Can spend a post-battle action to gain credits:

  • Outcast: D6x10.
  • Bounty Hunter: D3x10.

Source: The Book of the Outcast

190 credits

Wilcox ‘Wild Snake’ Cinderjack

Orlock only


Skills: Unstoppable.
Weapons: Mono-blade (Melee, +1 acc, Str S, AP -2, D1), Snake-thrower (Template, Am 4+, Blaze, Toxin).
Wargear: Mesh armour, lho sticks.

Heavy Drinker

Ignores intoxicated and insane conditions.

Potent Fumes

All fighters activating within 3” gain the intoxicated condition:

  • Change movement to D6” (roll for each Move/Charge action).
  • -1 hit modifier to non-Melee weapons.

Source: House of Iron

195 credits

Calthyxis, The Ghost of Primus

Delaque only


Skills: Faceless, Infiltrate, Overwatch.
Weapons: Auto-needler, Whisperblade.
Wargear: Armoured undersuit, mesh armour, respirator.

Face of a Killer

Choose 2 skills from Agility, Brawn, Combat, Cunning, Ferocity, Shooting and Obfuscation (before each battle).

Source: House of Shadow

210 credits

The Headsman, House Cawdor Executioner

Cawdor only


Skills: Combat Master, Fearsome, Inspirational, Rain of Blows.
Weapons: Two-handed axe.
Wargear: Light carapace (4+), stimm-slug stash.

Iconic Figure

Counts as a Champion:

  • Group Activation (1).
  • Leading by Example (6").

Articles of Faith (1)

  • Generates a number of Faith dice (as shown in parentheses).
  • Can perform Articles of Faith (Path of the Fanatic).

Source: House of Faith

220 credits

Krotos Hark


Skills: Headbutt, Inspirational, Munitioneer.
Weapons: Stub cannon, knife.
Wargear: Armoured undersuit, furnace plates.

Source: Gang War 2

225 credits

The Deserter


Skills: Medicae, Mentor, Overseer (Any).
Weapons: Shotgun (solid & scatter), knife, frag grenades.
Wargear: Armoured undersuit, Flak.

Source: Gang War 2

230 credits

Yar Umbra


Skills: Infiltrate, Marksman, Overwatch.
Weapons: Long las (infra-sight), knife.
Wargear: Flak, photo-goggles, respirator.

Source: Gang War 2

230 credits

Yolanda Skorn


Skills: Combat Master, Fearsome, Parry.
Weapons: Stub gun, stiletto knife, frag grenades.
Wargear: Flak, photo-goggles, respirator.

Source: Gang War 2

235 credits

Gor Half-horn


Skills: Berserker, Bull Charge, Fearsome.
Weapons: Shotgun (solid & scatter), plasma pistol, stub gun, chainsword, knife.
Wargear: Flak.

Source: Gang War 2

240 credits

Kria Kytoro, Death Maiden

Escher only


Skills: Infiltrate, Precision Shot, Step Aside.
Weapons: Long las (infra-sight), autopistol, throwing knives, stiletto knife.
Wargear: Mesh armour, Chem-synth.

245 credits

Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena, Orlock Wild Child

Orlock only. Vehicle

9"4 / 3 / 333+5+3+6+7+5+6+
WeaponRg SRg LAcc SAcc LStrApDAmmoTraits
- frag rockets24"48"+1-4-116+Arc (front), Blast (5"), Crew-operated, Knockback, Rapid Fire (1)
- krak rockets24"48"+1-6-236+Arc (front), Crew-operated, Rapid Fire (1)
Custom stub gun12"24"+2-3-14+Plentiful, Sidearm

Skills: Jink, Trick Shot.
Type: Wheeled.

Dedicated Gunner

Can move full distance (instead of half) during Move & Shoot.


Can make 1 extra turn (up to 90°) when moving (before, during or after).

Source: The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning

240 credits

Servalen & Hardcase Cyber-Mastiff

Servalen, Scrutinator-Primus


Skills: Got Your Six.
Weapons: Scrutinator stub gun (infra-sight & excrutiator rounds).
Wargear: Flak, armoured undersuit, magnacles, respirator.

Psychic Null (Pariah)

  • Can Disrupt Wyrd Powers (as if being a Psyker).

All fighters within 6" suffer the following (friend & foe):

  • Psychic powers can't be manifested.
  • -2 modifier to Cool tests.


Can't be targeted by Tactics (can be affected if this fighter is not specifically targeted).

Hardcase Cyber-mastiff


Skills: Threat Response.
Weapons: Shock bite (Str S, AP -1, D 1, Rending, Shock).
Wargear: Hardcase (Light Carapace & respirator).


If taken Out of Action while not yet activated this round, this fighter is not removed from the battlefield until after completing its activation.

Loyal Protector

While Standing (Active or Engaged) and within 3” of its owner, enemy fighters may not make a Coup de Grace against the owner.

Faithful Protector

When activated, if the owner is Engaged and within 6”, this fighter can immediately move into B2B with any fighters Engaging the owner (counts as a free action).

Arbelesta & Aramista, Shadows of Catallus

250 credits

Arbelesta Raen Catallus


Skills: Infiltrate, Precision Shot, Trick Shot.
Weapons: Needle long rifle, needle pistol.
Wargear: Chem-synth, mesh, photo-goggles, respirator, infra-sight (needle long rifle).

Unique Partnership (Aramista)

Can be hired alongside the other Bounty Hunter, allowing the gang to field 2 Bounty Hunters instead of 1.


If Aramista is hit and wounded by an enemy Fight (Basic) action, make a single Shoot (Basic) action against that fighter if all conditions are true:

  • Arbelesta is not Prone.
  • Target in Arbelesta’s line of sight.

This is not affected by nor affects Ready markers.

Source: The Book of Peril

250 credits

Aramista Dae Catallus


Skills: Combat Master, Impetuous, Rain of Blows.
Weapons: Stiletto sword, stiletto knife..
Wargear: Chem-synth, displacer field, mesh, photo-goggles, respirator.

Unique Partnership (Arbelesta)

Can be hired alongside the other Bounty Hunter, allowing the gang to field 2 Bounty Hunters instead of 1.

Bodyguard (Arbelesta)

If the other fighter is within 2” and hit by a ranged attack, the hit and all its effects can be transferred to this fighter.

Source: The Book of Peril

250 credits

Ortruum 8-8


Skills: Fearsome.

Wyrd Powers (Unsanctioned)

Telekinesis: Force Blast (Basic).
Telepathy: Mind Lock (Basic), Premonition (Simple).


Ignores all terrain, moves freely between levels without restriction and can never fall. May not ignore impassable terrain or walls and may not end its movement with its base overlapping an obstacle or the base of another fighter.

Team Work

Does not take up the Bounty slot (another Bounty Hunter may be hired in addition).

Soul Hound

Before the battle begins, nominate one enemy fighter (Leader, Champion, Juve, Specialist or equivalent). This is the one Ortruum 8-8 has been sent to track down. The fighter must be deployed on the table at the start of the battle, and must therefore be included in your opponent’s crew, however that is selected.

For the duration of the battle, all shooting attacks made against the nominated fighter gain a +1 modifier on hit rolls. Additionally, the nominated fighter may not use the Infiltrate or Lie Low skills for the duration of this battle.

260 credits

Gorshiv Hammerfist

WeaponRg SRg LAcc SAcc LStrApDAmmoTraits
'Wreck and Ruin'
- paired power hammers
-E--S+1-22-Melee, Paired, Power
Stub gun6"12"+2-3-14+Plentiful, Sidearm

Skills: Bull Charge, Walk It Off.
Wargear: Flak armour.

Combat Chems Stash

Can roll a D6 when activated to modify the Attack characteristic (until the end of the round):

  D6  Result
1A = 1
2+1 A
3-4+2 A
5-6+3 A


  • Never Pinned when hit by ranged attacks.
  • Never moved by skills or traits.

Source: The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning

270 credits

Eyros Slagmyst


Skills: Iron Jaw, Nerves of Steel, True Grit.
Weapons: Laspistol, knife, frag grenades.
Wargear: Armoured undersuit, bio-booster, furnace plates, medicae kit, photo-goggles.

Source: Gang War 2

275 credits

Attilus the Axe, Pit Tyrant

Goliath only


Skills: Bull Charge, Iron Man, Unleash the Beast.
Weapons: Stub gun, god cleaver.
Wargear: Furnace plates.


Can ignore the first Out of Action result suffered on the Injury dice (Attilus has no concept of defeat, as he’s never been bested in close combat).

Source: House of Chains

275 credits



Skills: Berserker, Combat Master, True Grit.
Weapons: Plasma pistol, power axe, stiletto knife & knife.
Wargear: Light carapace (4+).

280 credits

Grendl Grendlsen


Skills: Combat Master, Iron Jaw, Nerves of Steel.
Weapons: Boltgun, power hammer, frag grenades.
Wargear: Armoured undersuit, Flak.

Source: Gang War 2

285 credits

Von Buren the Rogue Archeotek

Van Saar only

WeaponRg SRg LAcc SAcc LStrApDAmmoTraits
Rad gun-T--2-214+Rad-phage, Template
Rad blade-E--S-11-Backstab, Melee, Rad-phage

Skills: Cold & Calculating, Fast Shot, Gadgeteer.
Wargear: Light carapace armour, armoured bodyglove, bio-booster, filter plugs, medicae kit, photo-goggles, respirator.
Special Rules: Master of Cyberteknika, Heart of Iron, Van Saar Archeotek, “You Get What You Pay For”, Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties, “We’ll Get Our Bit…”.

Special Rules

Master of Cyberteknika: When hired, Von Buren may choose any three items of Cyberteknika worth up to 200 credits in total to be equipped with. This does not cost any credits and does not increase the fighter’s value.

Heart of Iron: Should Von Buren suffer a hit from a weapon with the Rad-phage trait, roll an additional D6 as normal. However, on a roll of 3 or higher, he does not suffer an additional Flesh Wound. Instead, Von Buren may discard a Flesh Wound he has already suffered. In addition, the Heart of Iron grants any ranged weapon carried by Von Buren that has the Rad-phage trait the Plentiful trait as well.

Van Saar Archeotek: Von Buren is a Bounty Hunter that can only be hired by House Van Saar gangs. He is subject to the “You Get What You Pay For”, Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties and “We’ll Get Our Bit…” special rules.

Source: House of Artifice

285 credits

Thaetos 23-2 Wyrdlock


Skills: Fearsome.
Wargear: respirator.

Wyrd Powers (Unsanctioned)

Pyromancy: Scouring (Basic).
Telepathy: Maddening Visions (Basic).
Telekinesis: Levitation (Basic), Continuous Effect.

Team Work

Does not take up the Bounty slot (another Bounty Hunter may be hired in addition).

Source: The Book of Peril

290 credits

Baertrum Arturos III


Skills: Disarm, Escape Artist, Nerves of Steel.
Weapons: Artisan needle pistol with auto loader, Stiletto knife.
Wargear: Infra-sight, light carapace (4+).

290 credits

Freikstorn Strix


Skills: Catfall, Clamber, Mighty Leap, Sprint.
Weapons: Harpoon launcher, autopistol, knife.
Wargear: Armoured bodyglove, flak, S.H.O.C.K wing (combines drop rig, grapnel launcher and grav-chute).

Source: The Book of Peril

290 credits

Djangar ‘Gunfists’, Over-tyrant

Goliath only


Skills: Gunfighter.
Weapons: 2x Custom stub cannons.
Wargear: Furnace plates.

Storm of Fire

The custom stub cannons gain Rapid Fire (1) if no moves are made during the activation.

Source: House of Chains

305 credits

Apollus Kage


Skills: Hip Shooting, True Grit.
Weapons: Enforcer Boltgun, Shotgun (solid, scatter, executioner), knife, frag grenades.
Wargear: Mesh armour, photo-goggles, respirator.

Source: The Book of Peril

Vorgen Mortz & Rex Spires

305 credits

Vorgen ‘Gunner’ Mortz

4” (5”)2+3+5 (3)424+ (3+)27+7+8+8+

Skills: Marksman, Regroup.
Weapons: Heavy stubber (standard & tracer), knife.
Wargear: Flak, servo harness (partial).

Second Profile

The profile in parentheses is without servo harness (partial).

Unique Partnership (Rex Spires)

Can be hired alongside the other Bounty Hunter, allowing the gang to field 2 Bounty Hunters instead of 1.

Source: The Book of Peril

315 credits

Rex Spires


Skills: Evade, Lie Low.
Weapons: Frag trap, melta trap, blasting charge, demo charge, knife.
Wargear: Flak.


Place up to 3 booby traps (frag & melta) in the pre-battle sequence.

Unique Partnership (Vorgen Mortz)

Can be hired alongside the other Bounty Hunter, allowing the gang to field 2 Bounty Hunters instead of 1.

Source: The Book of Peril

315 credits

Lisbeth the Iron Angel

Van Saar only

WeaponRg SRg LAcc SAcc LStrApDAmmoTraits
heavy las carbine
(Arachni-rig servo-suit)
15"30"+1-4-14+Plentiful, Rapid Fire (3)
Rad gun-T--2-214+Rad-phage, Template
Servo arm (x3)E3"-+1S-1-Melee, Versatile

Skills: Bull Charge, Nerves of Steel.
Wargear: Van Saar arachni-rig servo-suit.
Special Rules: Arachno-Cybertiknika Savant, House Van Saar Bounty Hunter, “You Get What You Pay For”, Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties, “We’ll Get Our Bit…”.

Special Rules

Arachno-Cybertiknika Savant: Lisbeth ignores any negative Movement modifiers caused by moving through difficult terrain and adds 2" to her Movement when moving vertically (for example, when climbing up a ladder or other vertical surface). In addition, she may re-roll failed Initiative checks to see if she falls when she goes from Standing to Prone within 1/2" of the edge of a level or platform. Should Lisbeth ever fall, half the distance (rounding fractions up) for the purposes of determining the Strength, AP and Damage of the hit she suffers.

House Van Saar Bounty Hunter: Lisbeth the Iron Angel is a Bounty Hunter that can only be hired by House Van Saar gangs. She is subject to the “You Get What You Pay For”, Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties and “We’ll Get Our Bit…” special rules.

Source: House of Artifice

330 credits

Mortanna Shroud


Skills: Escape Artist.
Weapons: Laspistol.
Wargear: Flak, refractor field.

Wyrd Powers (Unsanctioned)

Biomancy: Hammerhand (Basic), Continuous Effect.
Pyromancy: Scouring (Basic).
Telekinesis: Assail (Basic).

Psychic Chains

If taken Out of Action, immediately before removed, all enemy fighters within D6” suffer a S1 Seismic automatic hit.

Source: The Book of Peril

Kal Jericho & Scabs

340 credits

Kal jericho


Skills: Combat Master, Gunfighter, Inspirational, Spring Up, Step Aside.
Weapons: 2x Master-crafted hotshot laspistols (custom), long blade (same as: duelling sabre).
Wargear: Filter plugs, flak, strip kit.

‘A Charmed Life’ (Same as Precognition)

  • 3+ save (unmodifiable by AP).
  • 4+ save (bonus, invulnerable) against Blast/Template only. If successful, this fighter does not count as being hit.

“Come Along Scabs!”

If Scabs is also hired:

  • If rolling for “We’ll Get Our Bit…”, roll a single D6 for both.

Lore If style were a man then it would undoubtedly be Kal Jericho. With easy good looks and an even easier charm, Kal has a reputation for being as fast with his mouth as he is with his guns, the former getting him into trouble as often as the latter gets him out of it. A legend in his own lifetime, the self-proclaimed suavest Bounty Hunter in the underhive has claimed more bounties and made more enemies than almost any other hired gun in Hive Primus. Kal might attribute his success to being possessed of peerless skills and a survivor’s instinct for trouble, though ask his adversaries and they’ll tell you Kal leads a charmed life.

Somehow since making his way into the underhive, Kal has gotten out of more scrapes than Lord Helmawr has wigs, each one more impressive than the last (a bit like Lord Helmawr’s wigs). No one knows for sure where Kal comes from, or why someone of his obvious good breeding, education and upstanding personal hygiene decided to make the rotting underbelly of Hive Primus as his home, but there is no shortage of tales told about him. Common wisdom has it that Kal is an exiled noble or off-world adventurer, fleeing from some dark past. Some claim he is a planetary lord in exile, come to Necromunda to hide from his crimes, others say he was once a great hero of the Imperium, betrayed and exiled from his command. Then there are those who posit that Kal is an illegitimate son of Lord Helmawr, and the last true-born successor to the Helmawr line. Of course, he could just as easily be another hive scum with an exceptional talent for lying.

What isn’t in dispute is that Kal has no shortage of powerful enemies. From the psychopathic ex-pit slave, Vandal Feg; the fanatical Redemptionist, Cardinal Crimson; or the shadowy spymaster, Nemo the Faceless, there is a long line of Necromunda’s baddest and meanest looking to claim the Bounty Hunter’s head. Of course, Kal is not without his friends, like his trusty half-Ratskin sidekick Scabs or robotic mastiff, Wotan. Then there are those like the rogue noble-woman-turned-outlaw, Yolanda Catallus, who enjoys an off-again on-again relationship with Kal, sometimes fighting at his side, other times trying to put a bullet between his eyes. All of these reasons are doubtless why Kal prefers the lawless settlements and shadowy Badzones of the underhive, where there is always coin to be made and he can stay one step ahead of his adversaries.

Source: The Book of Peril

200 credits



Skills: Clamber, Escape Artist, Infiltrate.
Weapons: Plasma gun, stub gun.
Wargear: Filter plugs, flak.

“Come Along Scabs!”

If Kal is also hired:

  • The cost is reduced to 100 credits (instead of 200).

Additionally, Scabs counts as a Bounty Hunter (instead of Hive Scum) and gains the associated special rules (Dead, Not Alive, Claiming Bounties and “We’ll Get Our Bit…”).

If rolling for “We’ll Get Our Bit…”, roll a single D6 for both.

Gifted Forager

In the post-battle sequence, add +1 to the Seek Rare Equipment roll when visiting the Trading post.


Lore Life is hard in the underhive, and even more so for Houseless drifters like Scabs. A product of two worlds, Scabs carries his Ratskin heritage both as a blessing and a curse. Most ‘civilised’ underhivers view the boil-covered scum as a Badzones savage and an outlander, never fully accepting him into their settlements and holesteads. This is probably why Scabs turned to a violent life as a hired gun and wastelands guide to make creds, and also why when he fell in with Kal Jericho he returned the Bounty Hunter’s easy acceptance with unfailing loyalty. Kal saw in Scabs something the scum had never seen in himself; a talented scout with a keen eye for danger and a good heart. Over the years, Scabs has proven his worth to Kal time and time again, the scum’s level-headed pragmatism tempering his master’s bon vivant attitude with a healthy dose of caution, often saving the pair from sump-spawned horrors and humourless gangers among countless other perilous situations.

Of course, as Scabs’ own reputation has grown, he has had many of his own adventures – especially during those periods when Kal mysteriously disappears uphive or even further afield for weeks or months at a time. Either alone or in the company of other gangs or hired guns, Scabs has proven he can hold his own. Scabs’ Ratskin blood might make him an outcast in most underhivers’ eyes but it gives him a connection to the hive he has used to his advantage numerous times – his ‘nose’ finding paths through seemingly impassable Badzones or tracking foes across the shifting wastes of hive bottom. And when Kal isn’t around, Scabs sometimes even teams up with Yolanda Catallus, perhaps because she feels sorry for the half-Ratskin, or maybe she is just looking for an in with Kal – or another chance to put a blade between his ribs!

Source: The Book of Peril

360 credits

Slate Merdena, Orlock Road Boss

Orlock only

Slate Merdena


Skills: Fearsome, Iron Will, Nerves of Steel.
Weapons: Power hammer, custom plasma pistol, frag grenades.
Wargear: Mesh armour, photo-goggles.

Macula (Cyber-Mastiff)


Skills: Combat Master.
Weapons: Savage bite (Str S, AP -2, D 1, Disarm).


If the owner is a sentry, attackers can be spotted outside the vision arc. Add 1+ modifier to spotting (a 1 before modifiers still fails).

Loyal Protector

While Standing (Active or Engaged) and within 3” of its owner, enemy fighters may not make a Coup de Grace against the owner.

Source: House of Iron