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Hangers-on and Brutes

Source: Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023)

Once a gang establishes itself, its hideout can become as well known as any other local landmark. Some gangs’ hideouts become centres of activity, with loyal hivers granted the freedom to come and go as they please, while others are more like fortresses. In either case, they are sought-after destinations for merchants and tradesmen seeking a reliable base of operations and offering their services to the gang.

Hangers-on are primarily used in Campaign play, although some will prove particularly useful in Skirmish play. Brutes are purchased specifically to add some extra muscle and prowess on the battlefield and can be fielded alongside the rest of the gang normally. Either at gang creation or in the Update Roster step of the post-battle sequence, players can recruit Hangerson and Brutes. These are purchased with credits from the gang’s Stash in the same way as new fighters. A Fighter card is filled out for each and they are added to the gang roster. Most Hangers-on and Brutes have various options for their equipment – these must be decided when they are recruited and cannot be changed later.

During Campaign play, both Hangers-on and Brutes can be taken captive in the post-battle sequence, just like any other fighter. In such cases, the gang can attempt to rescue them or make a trade with the captor to have them returned. Should they fail to rescue them or secure a trade, the captor may sell them as if they were a normal fighter.

The maximum number of Hangers-on and Brutes a gang can have is limited by its Reputation, as shown by the table below. If a gang’s Reputation drops to the point that it does not have enough for its Hangers-on or Brutes, it must remove one or more of them from its roster until it is back within the limit. Also, note that there is a limit on each type of Hanger-on and Brute – a gang can have up to two Rogue Docs, but only one Dome Runner, for example. Hangers-on and Brutes do not count towards the number of fighters in the gang for the purposes of determining how many fighters of other types the gang may contain.

ReputationMaximum Hangers-on and Brutes