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I have received a takedown request from Games Workshop. It isn't hostile, and it is clear that much of this website it its current format is infringing on GW's copyright.

These include:

  • use of GW art, images and text
  • a donation link
  • likeness in the logo

Before I retire this website, I'm going to take a pass at seeing if it is possible to exist without a full rewrite. This will include removing all images and creative text, such as lore. Text that are games rules may/may not be covered under copyright, depending on country.

If my attempt at removing copyright fails to appease, then I will be taking the website down. It was good while it lasted!

I've included the letter below.

- servo_scribe


We are getting in touch today because your website has been reported to us for infringing Games Workshop’s Intellectual Property rights. We appreciate your enthusiasm for the Necromunda game but we cannot allow the wholesale reproduction of our rules and text taken from our publications.

Games Workshop holds the exclusive right to reproduce copies of our creations. This covers our miniatures, artwork, books, logos, website images and text. It not only covers exact copies but also anything which copies a significant part, typically the most important and unique features.

Games Workshop has spent decades creating miniatures, books, merchandise and artwork for our creations. We own the copyright for these works, including (but not limited to) the books published for our Necromunda range.

I would like to take this opportunity to go through a few points in our Intellectual Property Guidelines and how they relate to your website. For ease of reference I will share below the relevant parts of the guidelines and explain how they relate to your project:

Individuals may write their own stories, hobby books and magazines based on our characters and settings, but these must:

  • not include text, artwork or imagery copied from any official Games Workshop material
  • be non-commercial, with no money being received or paid. This includes all forms of fundraising activity, and generation of any advertising revenue
  • make it clear that they are unofficial, without using any Games Workshop logos, and include the word ‘unofficial’ prominently on the front cover

Regarding point one, we can see that much of the text on your website has been transcribed from our Necromunda books, which is admitted by you in the statement on your website that “rules are now added verbatim”. Additionally, a number of images including artwork have been taken from our Necromunda books without permission.

Point two relates to your fundraising activity on this contravenes the point in our intellectual property guidelines which states that no money should be received or paid, including all forms of fundraising.

While you have stated on your website that the rules published are “Unsanctioned”, your use of the Necromunda logo as your own with altered text, when taken in tandem with the copying of text and images as mentioned above, is likely to create confusion amongst hobbyists who may believe that your website is associated with our works.

We request that you remove all assets, be they text, image or any other type of asset, from your website. This will bring your project in line with both our intellectual property guidelines and comply with the intellectual property rights associated with Games Workshop property. We are available at this email address to discuss this further or to help provide clarification on any of the points we have raised.

I must mention that all rights are reserved.

Kind Regards,

Games Workshop Legal Team

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Verbatim updates:

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  • Added the Abritrator Scenarios page in preparation for Apocrypha release.
  • Added House-specific sub-plots back in
  • Added Orlock terrain
  • Added Escher terrain
  • Added Delaque terrain
  • Added Cawdor terrain

Verbatim updates:

  • All 2023 Core Rules Scenarios verbatim (see this example). Old and new versions of a scenario will be listed on the same page.
  • House Goliath fighters
  • House-specific skills
  • Orlock legendary names
  • Escher Chem-alchemy
  • Psychoteric Whispers
  • Articles of Faith

· One min read
  • Undertook a quick review of the 2023 core rules, adding citations where it wasn't obvious, and removed older entries to /the-rules which were no longer current.\
  • Rejigged the Exotic Beasts section and the brute/hanger-on order.

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House of Artifice

The House of Artifice rules have now been transcribed verbatim.

This is the start of a number of larger changes. Firstly is how a fighter card is represented (as on the Van Saar page). Now all information for a fighter is on their card in different sections (skills, equipment list, special rules). In time I will probably retire the 'Equipment List' pages. Gang Terrain is now more prominent as well.

All Dramatis Personae will have their weapons represented on their fighter profile (for example, Lisbeth the Iron Angel)

Lastly, alliances are being restructured. The current pages are far too messy (they work fine if you know the rules and need to reference them, but not if you are new to them). With each House of X book, I'm moving them to their dedicated pages. I am also removing additional information that I don't have a source to, such as the credit values attached to Alliances. An example of these dedicated pages is the Promethium Guild.

As always, please direct any feedback to the Discord. More House of X updates are on their way!

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Necrodamus is now Necro-vox

When I first started this site, I wanted a place to view all Necromunda rules in one place, online, searchable and mobile friendly. As the rules were so fragmented, I searched for a place to start, and @TopsyKretts's fantastic Necrodamus compilation pdf was a great resource to work off. With his permission and access to his working doc, I transcribed and compiled his 300+ page compilation and launched

Over the last 12 months (it's a year to the day!), 4 major books have been released, included a revised core rules. With these releases, I've made the editorial decision to publish them verbatim, even if that means contradictions with early rules. Topsy has worked long and hard about having a singular source of truth, so editorially decides the rules where the authors have erred. This means that the website and pdf are now quite different, and will continue to become more different with further publications.

To keep things easy to understand, and have people find the right ruleset for them, it's time to make this clear with a rebrand. Necrodamus is now Necro-vox!

If you look carefully, Necro-vox has already infiltrated all of the Necromunda rulebooks. In fact, it's one of the first words used in every book, and it's even important in keeping Necromunda functioning 😉

Everything else will be the same for now, and will redirect to the new domain for the next year or so until everyone remembers the new URL.

Over the next few months I plan to revisit the House/Book of X publications and transcribe the rules in their original long form, and includes any updates at the top of the page. Any additional rules will be cited, and anything not RAW will be added in a callout instead. See the Outcasts page for an example of these features in action.

Any feedback, please hit up the Discord, and I hope you like the new direction.

- servo_scribe

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  • Rewrote Outcasts gang page in its original form
  • Fixed Sump Sea Barge typo


  • Added Outcasts Mutations from Apocrypha: Devils of Gunk Deep
  • Added Ironhead Power Fist to Armoury

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Tactics Card update

Tactics cards have been replaced entirely with a new data-source. Thank you to Chito for curating and supplying this. Existing tactics cards will no longer be accessible.

Ruins of Jardlan update

This update adds content from The Aranthian Succession: Ruins of Jardlan. These are:

Removed Archived Reference

The old armoury and trading post has now been removed.