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Source: Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023)

On Necromunda, there are few individuals as dangerous to Lord Helmawr’s dominion as the psyker.

These powerful individuals represent a rare mutation within humanity – they are able to channel the esoteric power of the Warp with a thought and bend reality to their will. Since Mankind first ventured out into the void, the number of psykers being born has steadily grown, though at a terrible cost to the genetic stock of Mankind. For each one that comes into the world, millions of mutants are also born, as if nature itself were toying with biology in an effort to force Mankind to evolve. As the 41st Millennium draws to a close, psykers and mutants fill every corner of the galaxy, moving amongst humanity unnoticed or lurking in the shadows of cities and hives.

Psychic Powers

Psykers are a distinct type of fighter who are able to manifest strange and powerful abilities, bringing death, destruction and worse to the gang wars of the underhive. During a battle, psykers are activated just like any other fighter, with the exception that they may perform ‘Wyrd Power (X)’ actions, which enable them to manifest their abilities.

A Wyrd Power (X) action may be (Simple), (Basic) or (Double), depending upon the complexity of the Wyrd Power the psyker is attempting to manifest. This will always be shown in brackets after the name of the Wyrd Power itself. When a psyker is activated, they may choose to perform one or more Wyrd Power (X) actions.

Wyrd Powers are named by discipline first, such as Telekinesis – the power to manipulate and move objects, and as a unique effect second, such as Force Blast – the power to push enemies back with a thought. Most psykers follow one discipline closely, though it is not uncommon for a psyker to possess abilities drawn from two or more different disciplines. Regardless of the Wyrd Power(s) that a psyker knows, all psykers are able to perform the following actions:

Maintain Control (Simple): In order to maintain a Continuous Effect (as follows), the psyker must perform this action. If they do not, the Continuous Effect expires at the end of this fighter’s activation. The psyker immediately makes a Willpower test with a +3 modifier – if the test is passed then the power remains in effect until their next activation; if failed, the power ends immediately.

If they wish, the psyker may instead choose to make this action for free at the start of their activation – if they do so then they do not add any bonuses to their Willpower test and may not attempt to manifest another Wyrd Power this activation regardless of whether or not the Willpower test is successful.

Concentrate (Basic): If the fighter makes a Willpower test in their subsequent action, add 1 to the result of the dice roll.

Using Wyrd Powers

When a psyker makes a Wyrd Power (X) action, they must make a Willpower test to see if the action is successful. If the test is passed, the Wyrd Power takes immediate effect. If it is failed, the Wyrd Power has no effect and the action is wasted.

Some Wyrd Power (X) actions are noted as being a Continuous Effect. Such a power lasts from when the psyker performs the action until the end of their next activation when it will expire, unless they perform a Maintain Control (Simple) action during their activation, in which case the Continuous Effect remains in play for another round. A psyker can only ever have one Continuous Effect in play. If a psyker is Prone and Seriously Injured or taken Out of Action, any of their Continuous Effects will immediately expire.

However, using Wyrd Powers is not without risk. If the Willpower test is failed on the roll of a double 1, the psyker must immediately roll on the Perils of the Warp table. If the Willpower test is passed on the roll of a double 6, the Wyrd Power takes effect, cannot be Disrupted (see Psychic Duels) and the psyker must immediately roll on the Perils of the Warp table.

Psychic Duels

Whenever a psyker is activated to make a Wyrd Power (X) action or to make a Maintain Control (Simple) action, if there is a Standing and Active or Prone and Pinned enemy psyker within 18", they may attempt to Disrupt the psyker’s successful Wyrd Power.

To Disrupt a successful Wyrd Power (X) action, a psyker must roll 2D6. If the total is higher than the total rolled for the Willpower test made to successfully perform the action, the Wyrd Power is Disrupted and fails as if the psyker making the action had failed their own Willpower test. If the total is equal to or lower than the total of the Willpower test made to successfully perform the action, the Disruption attempt fails and the Wyrd Power (X) action is resolved.

However, Disruption attempts can be just as risky as manifesting psychic powers. If a double 6 is rolled, the Wyrd Power is cancelled, but the psyker making the Disruption attempt must immediately roll on the Perils of the Warp table. If a double 1 is rolled, the Disruption attempt fails and the psyker making the Disruption attempt must immediately roll on the Perils of the Warp table.

Perils Of The Warp

Whenever a psyker rolls a double 1 or a double 6 when making a Willpower test to perform a Wyrd Power (X) action, or when attempting to Disrupt a Wyrd Power, roll 2D6 and consult the table below:

2-3A Tear in Reality!: The psyker loses control and warp energy tears reality apart around them. Centre a 5" Blast marker on the psyker; any model touched by the marker must pass a Willpower test or lose a Wound or suffer the Driver Wounded effect. The psyker then goes Out of Action.
4-5Immaterium Inverse: The Warp inverts upon those attempting to control it. The psyker becomes the target of the power (regardless of range). If the power is beneficial, the psyker instead becomes Prone and Pinned and suffers a Strength 6 hit that inflicts 2 Damage, ignoring armour saves, and the power has no other effects.
6-8Whispers from the Warp: The psyker’s mind is filled with screaming daemonic voices. The psyker becomes subject to the Insane condition. Place an Insanity marker on the psyker’s Fighter card and roll a D6 on the Insane table when they activate.
9-10Warp Surge!: The psyker’s power becomes overcharged with warp energy. The psyker may immediately try to manifest the same power again as a free action, or, if they were trying to Disrupt a power, they may immediately manifest one of their own powers as a free action – this additional manifestation of the power can trigger Perils of the Warp as normal. After working out the effects of the power, the psyker becomes Prone and Pinned and suffers a Strength 4 hit which inflicts 1 Damage, ignoring armour saves.
11-12Daemonic Possession: Daemonic energy courses through the psyker’s body. The psyker increases their Movement, Strength, Toughness and Attacks characteristics all by 3 and their Weapon Skill to 2+. Their unarmed attacks inflict 2 Damage and have an AP of -1. In the End phase of the following round, or if the psyker generates this result again, they go Out of Action.
House Rule

Whisper of the Warp (Necrodamus, A&A)

If the first action causes Insanity, apply Insanity immediately if the fighter makes a 2nd action.

Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Psykers

All psykers fall into two broad types, regardless of the powers they wield or where they originate from: sanctioned psykers and non-sanctioned psykers. Bearing the official approval of Imperial authorities, sanctioned psykers wield their powers under the control and vigilance of overseers and handlers. Trained from an early age in the correct use of their abilities and to minimise the risks of daemonic possession, sanctioned psykers are free to operate as they wish without the risk of censure by the authorities. A non-sanctioned psyker, by contrast, exists outside of the system and in secret, unaware of the great risks they present to themselves and others, and oblivious to the great efforts the Imperium goes to in controlling their kind. The rewards for bringing a non-sanctioned psyker to Imperial justice can be great, often significant enough to justify the risks of going against them!

To reflect their sanctioned or unsanctioned status, all psykers will have one of the two following skills on their profile:

Sanctioned Psyker: A psyker with this skill may re-roll a failed Willpower test once per battle.

Non-sanctioned Psykers: Should a psyker with this skill be taken Out of Action, the enemy gang is rewarded a bounty of D3x10 credits at the end of the battle. Should a psyker with this skill be captured and sold to the Guilders, they are worth their full value. Note that when a psyker with this skill is captured, they can be sold immediately without the opportunity for a Rescue Mission.


Wyrd Powers And The Firepower Dice

Some Wyrd powers act as weapons that can be used by the psyker, however these powers can never run Out of Ammo. Therefore there is no need to roll a Firepower dice when attacking with a Wyrd power unless the attack has a Trait that triggers certain results on the Firepower dice.

Wyrd Powers

There are many ways that a fighter may gain access to Wyrd Powers – one of the most common being the use of Ghast. Presented below are a selection of Wyrd Powers for players and Arbitrators to use in their campaigns. If a fighter gains a Wyrd Power, they may either roll a D6 to see which power they gain or in some cases may choose one of the following powers.


Below you will find the Wyrd Powers listed in the 2023 Core Rules. These were greatly expanded upon in the Book of the Outcast and can be found in Wyrd Powers. Most campaigns will use the extended powers list, but check with your arbitrator if uncertain.

1. Telekinesis – Assail (Basic)

With a grunt, the wyrd pushes a person or an object away.

Target a single enemy fighter or obstacle that is both within 12" and line of sight of this fighter and make a hit roll, using this fighter’s Ballistic Skill. If a hit is scored, move the target D3" in any direction – if they were Standing, they become Prone and Pinned after moving. If they come into base contact with a Standing fighter or any terrain, they stop moving and suffer a S3, AP -, D1 hit. If they come into base contact with another Standing fighter, that fighter also suffers a S3, AP -, D1 hit and becomes Prone and Pinned.

2. Pyromancy – Flame Blast (Basic), Continuous Effect

Flames envelop one of the wyrd’s weapons, causing anything touched by it to similarly burst into fire.

While this Wyrd Power is maintained, one weapon with the Melee or Versatile trait carried by this fighter gains the Blaze trait.

3. Chronomancy – Freeze Time (Double)

Reality seems to thicken all around the fighter, and events slow down to a crawl – has time truly stopped, or are those caught in the power merely experiencing its flow differently?

All fighters, friend and foe, within 12" of this fighter may only perform a single action when activated for the remainder of this round.

4. Technomancy – Weapon Jinx (Simple)

With a snap of their fingers, the wyrd causes an enemy’s weapon to malfunction.

Choose an enemy fighter that is within 18" of this fighter. That enemy fighter must immediately make an Ammo test for one of their weapons, chosen by this fighter’s controlling player.

5. Telepathy – Terrify (Double)

Planting a horrific image in an enemy’s mind, the wyrd tries to break their spirit.

Choose a single enemy fighter that is both within 18" and line of sight of this fighter. That fighter must immediately take a Nerve test with a -3 modifier applied to the roll or becomes Broken.

6. Biomancy – Quickening (Basic), Continuous Effect

The wyrd pours psychic energy into their muscles, greatly increasing their reflexes.

While this Wyrd Power is maintained, improve this fighter’s Movement characteristic by 3 and their Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill and Initiative characteristics by 1 (to a maximumof 2+).