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Chaos Special Rules

Dark Rituals: Lead Ritual

The following gangs can seek the favour of certain Chaos Gods.

  • Corpse Grinder Cult: Khorne.
  • Chaos Cult: Any Chaos God (can change between battles).
  • Corrupted gang: Any Chaos God (can't change after the first).
House Rule (Necrodamus)

Corpse Grinder Cult is given access to Dark Rituals here for fluff reasons.

  1. The Leader can make a Lead Ritual as a post-battle action (once per post-battle sequence).
  2. Decide which of the Chaos Gods the ritual is invoking: Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch.
  3. A random fighter (not Leader or Witch) can be the focus of the ritual, offering them up to be a vessel of the gods’ power.
    Alternatively, a Captive (that could normally be sold if held by a non-Chaos gang) can be sacrificed to fuel the ritual.
  4. Then roll 2D6 and apply the following modifiers:
    • +2 if praising a Chaos gods the cult already has the favour of.
    • +2 if sacrificing a Captive.
    • +1 if winning this battle.
    • +1 if gaining Reputation this battle.
    • -1 if losing Reputation this battle.
    • -1 if losing this battle.
    • -2 if praising a different Chaos god than the cult has the favour of.

Success (+9 after modifiers): The gang is heeded by the cult’s patron. Any existing favour is replaced. If a fighter was the focus of the ritual, that fighter gains D6 XP.

Failure (2 or less before or after modifiers): The cult is deemed unworthy. Lose any existing favour. If a fighter was picked to be the focus of the ritual, that fighter is turned into a Chaos Spawn (effectively slain and any equipment is lost). The Spawn is added for free, but the cost affects Gang Rating.

The Gods’ Favour

If the gang has performed a Dark Ritual, gain the following bonuses:

Once per roundRe-roll a failed Wound roll.Re-roll a friendly Recovery roll (End phase).Activate 2 fighters instead of 1(one after the other).Ignore all negative hit modifiers for a Shoot (Basic/Double) action
Chaos Spawns+1S.+1T.Roll 2D6 and choose the highest when moving4+ save.
Leader+1A.+1W.+2”M.Gain 1 random Wyrd Power (Possessed Hiver / Ghast table).