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Weapon Accessories


This page has been reworded to comply with copyright. Refer to the Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023) for its original text.

A dagger (†) means the accessories can't be combined on the same weapon.

Trading Post Weapon Accessories

Gunshroud (Basic Weapons And Pistols)

20 Credits – Rare (8)

Gains the Silent trait.

Hotshot Las Pack (Lasgun And Laspistol only)

20 Credits

Improves to Strength 4 and AP -1.

However, loses the Plentiful trait and Ammo becomes 4+.

Infra-Sight (Pistols, Basic, Special And Heavy Weapons)†

40 Credits – Rare (8)

Can't be fitted to Rapid Fire or Blast weapons.

Can be used to attack through Smoke, and adds 9" to Visibility (X").

The to hit penalty of cover is reduced by 1 (none for partial, -1 for full).

Las-Projector (Pistols, Basic And Special Weapons)

35 Credits – Rare (9)

Short range accuracy bonus improves by 1.

Mono-Sight(Basic, Special And Heavy Weapons)†

35 Credits – Rare (9)

If making an Aim action, improve the to hit roll by 2 instead of 1.

Psi-Amplifier (Melee Weapons)†

75 Credits – Rare (15)

Need to find a specialist first. A Leader or Champ can do this in the Trade action, though you roll a 15 or more for the Availability level.

Once fitted, the weapon gains the Force trait.

Suspensors (Weapons With the Unwieldy Trait Only)

60 Credits – Rare (10)

Firing an Unwieldy ranged weapon becomes a Basic action rather than a Double action.

Can use an Unwieldy close combat weapon single-handedly, allowing for a second close combat weapon.

Telescopic Sight (Pistols, Basic and Special Weapons)†

25 Credits

After an Aim action, apply the weapons Short range accuracy modifier instead of its Long range modifier.