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For Mount rules, see the Mounted condition.

Mounts can't be purchased for or be combined with the following:

  • Vehicle crew.
  • Ash Waste Nomads (except when the mount is included for the fighter).
  • Wargear that affects movement (for example jump booster or grav-cutter).
Vehicle Upgrades & Wargear

If all gangs agree, mounts can be customized by vehicle Upgrades & Wargear (up to one Upgrade per area). However Weapon Hardpoints cannot be added to a Mount (use the Custom Vehicle rules instead).

List of Available Mounts

VehiclesBase CostGang
Waster's Dirtbike50Any
Dustback HelamiteInc. with fighterAsh Wastes Nomads

Waster's Dirtbike

Cost: 50
Movement: 8"
Special Rules: none.

Dustback Helamite

Cost: Included in fighter's cost.
Movement: 8"
Special Rules: Mighty Leap.


Cost: 85
Movement: 9"
Special Rules:

  • Only available to Leader, Champion, Champion (Specialist) and Juve (Specialist).
  • Must be equipped with one of the following (counts as being fitted with Suspensor and doesn't take up any weapon slots):
    • Twin-linked grenade launcher (frag & krak): +75
    • Twin-linked plasma gun: +110
    • Twin-linked heavy stubber: +200
  • High Flight: Ignores all terrain, moves freely between levels without restriction and can never fall. Cannot ignore impassable terrain or walls and cannot end its movement with its base overlapping an obstacle or the base of another fighter. Can move over enemy fighters (ignoring the 1" rule), but cannot end the move within 1" of another fighter.
  • Gas Trap Launcher: Can spend a Double action (Deploy Gas Trap) to place a gas trap within 1" and then move up to the Movement stat.