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Gang Equipment


This page has been reworded to comply with copyright. Refer to the Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023) for its original text.

Ammo Cache

60 Credits – Rare (8)

Added to your stash first, this acts like a normal Ammo Cache.

When setting up, you can choose to deploy any ammo caches you have. If you're the defender in a scenario, roll a D6 for each cache:

  • 1-4: cannot use the cache.
  • 5-6: deploy as normal.

Setup within 1" of a friendly fighter, in your deployment zone (if applicable). Remove it from your stash.

Booby Traps (Frag, Gas & Melta)

Frag – 20 Credits
Gas – 40 Credits – Rare (8)
Melta – 50 Credits – Rare (10)

Place a marker to represent the trap at the start of the battle (before deploying fighters). If both players want to use traps, roll of to see who places first.

A trap can be set up by any fighter coming within 2" (for any reason).

Roll a D6.

1Trap is a dud, remove it from the battlefield
2-3Trap isn't triggered and stays in place
4-6The Trap goes off! The victim ends their movement if they get pinned/injured/stalled etc.

Booby traps can be shot at, with -1 in short range and -2 in long range. If hit, roll a D6:

1-2Nothing happens
3-4It's triggered
5-6It's destroyed without going off

Isotropic Fuel Rod

60 Credits – Rare (10)
Source: Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023)

Can be spent to turn any campaign territory into a Settlement.

Mung Vase

2d6x10 Credits – Rare (12)
Source: Necromunda Core Rulebook (2023)

Added to your stash.

Can be used to reduce the cost of a hired gun by D6x10 credits. If used, after that battle, roll a D6. On a 1, they steal it and both the vase and the hired gun vanish.

If your gang leader dies, the vase is lost (they hid it somewhere).

A vase can be sold in the trading sequence. Roll a d6:

1Dismal Fake A truly sad knock-off. The vase nets the gang D3x5 credits.
2-3Passable Fake A nice conversation piece. The vase nets the gang D6x10 credits.
4-5Impressive Fake A fine example of the counterfeiters’ art. The vase nets the gang D6x20 credits.
6Outstanding Fake? Make an Intelligence test for the gang Leader. If they fail, count this result as an Impressive Fake. If they pass, they realise what they have just in time – add D6x50 to the gang’s Stash.